Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Scribbles on a Notepad: Starfest ’09 Part I – Falling Snow and Smoking Pirates

Friday: Day One

“The elves are going to get cold,” I said as I stared out at the persistent snowfall that had been falling across Colorado for nearly twenty-four straight hours. The mounting blanket of wet, and I mean wet, snow on the ground made my half-buried Volvo seem increasingly further away. I looked to my side where one of my three cats sat, staring at me with a look that told me he even thought I was crazy for considering to venture out in this, and I’d seen him wrestle with squirrels. I turned from my cat’s accusing gaze and reached for my cell phone. In true Human nature, I would look for companionship on helping me make up my mind.

“Hey Scorpio, it’s coming down pretty hard. Are you still going tonight?”

“I have a table in artist alley, so - I guess so. Are you?” came the reply.

“I guess so, I mean if you are.”

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