Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kiss from a Vampire, Reviewing Radical’s “Incarnate”

Everyone has a guilty pleasure, one that they don’t talk about. They draw the curtains; close the blinds, as dusk falls. They sit in front of the alter of the 21st century and begin this secretive ceremony. Hold up, you thought I was talking about Vampires? No, no, you’ve got it all wrong; I’m talking about reality TV. Now don’t lie, while staring at your feet with guilt. It’s okay; we are a slave to its power. Sure we all watch Lost and pretend that, that’s it, other than Adult Swim, of course. But all of us find ourselves hovering on channels when Bret Michaels searches for another STD, or Dr. Drew tries to counsel ex Babylon 5 alumni with a made case of the rehab blues. For me, it’s a passing glance at John and Kate (can’t help it, I’m mesmerized by the “car-crash’esqueness” of it all) and Gene Simmons Family Jewels. It’s like the non-dysfunctional version of the Osbournes! But anyone whose watched it from the start has probably noticed two things in the last year. One, this show is getting more and more staged to the point that it might take the title away from Brooke Knows Best (which FYI, I don’t watch). That knowledge comes from watching The Soup with Joel McHale. The second thing is that Nick has been walking around with comic books in his hands, left and right. As soon as I saw this, knowing his long-tongued dad has a Kiss comic, I knew we would see something from the young member of the Kiss-clan.

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